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Understanding Anesthesia Errors

Anesthesia is usually administered to patients undergoing surgery or other painful medical procedures. Calculating the type and amount of spinal general anesthesia to use is challenging even for the most experienced anesthetist or anesthesiologist. The consequences of a mistake in dosage or type of anesthesia can be very severe, causing permanent disability, loss of function, and death.

If you or a family member has been injured because of an anesthesia error, you need to speak with the Kansas City medical malpractice lawyers at Dempsey & Kingsland, P.C. We have extensive experience handling anesthesia error cases. You may be able to receive a financial award for your injuries.

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Types of Anesthesia Errors

Our anesthesia error lawyers help those who have suffered:

  • Cardiac arrest
  • Brain injury
  • Allergic reactions
  • Paralysis
  • Drug interactions
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Coma
  • The death of a family member

We have encountered patients who were not properly instructed about eating and drinking prior to receiving anesthesia and suffered serious side effects as a result. We have also observed that elderly people, who frequently take many different medications, are not always informed or questioned about their medications, leaving them open to drug interactions. Many of these types of errors produce some reduction of oxygen to the brain and can lead to permanent brain damage or death.

The Costs of Anesthesia Complications

People suffering from the consequences of anesthesia mistakes often require lifetime care and support. Individuals with paralysis, brain damage, stroke, and other serious personal injuries may never fully recover. Even patients with moderate anesthesia reaction require extensive recovery time, which frequently leads to reduced work hours and income. Most patients also require ongoing physical and mental therapy.

Living with the consequences of an anesthesia error is expensive. You deserve compensation for the additional costs of therapy, medical treatment, medical equipment, and prolonged hospital stays.

If the anesthesia or surgical error has led to a wrongful death, families face funeral costs, reduced income, loss of companionship and support, pain and suffering, and other expenses caused by the absence of the loved one.

If you have experienced the death of a family member because of an anesthesia error, contact the Kansas City anesthesia error lawyers at Dempsey & Kingsland. During your free initial consultation, we will discuss your case and determine how we can help you begin to recover from your loss.

Contact our Team

At the law firm of Dempsey & Kingsland, we rely on our extensive network of medical specialists to help analyze and evaluate anesthesia error cases. Because we can call upon exactly the right specialist, we are able to provide potential clients with a quick analysis of their anesthesia error case.

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  • $43.1 Million Settlement Vaccine leads to Paralysis/Quadriplegia
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  • $7.25 Million Settlement $7.25 million awarded family of worker who fell to his death from high rise building
  • $7 Million Settlement Breach of Policy Coverage/Bad Faith Claim
  • $5 Million Settlement Truck-Car Fatality Collision
  • $4 Million Settlement Head-on Collision
  • $2.69 Million Combined Settlements Elective Surgery Fraud/Malpractice
  • $2.3 million cumulative settlements Bariatric surgeries
  • $1.85 million settlement Worker Crushed by Forklift While Visiting Industrial Plant
  • $1.83 million recovery Vaccine Leads to Spinal Injury

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