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What Are Medical "Never Events," and Why Are They of Dire Concern?

If you’ve ever been to a hospital or surgical center in Missouri or elsewhere for an operation and been subjected to the same battery of questions over and over prior to the onset of your procedure, don’t become frustrated or angry. Be thankful. There are very good — in ...

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Blog posts in November, 2014

  • Medical Industry Alarm: When Bad Doctors Continue to Practice

    Lay persons — that is, members of the general public — are not often intimately familiar with important details relating to the medical profession. ...

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  • Cerebral Palsy May be Due to Medical Negligence During Birth

    For many parents the day that they welcome a child into the world is one of the most exciting they will ever experience. That excitement can quickly ...

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  • Did Joan Rivers' Doctors Pose for 'Selfie' During Fatal Procedure?

    Many Kansas City residents who enjoyed Joan Rivers’ no-holds-barred attitude and sharp wit were deeply saddened to hear of the comedienne’s passing in ...

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  • Topic Focus: Incidental Findings and the Need to Track Them

    It’s fortunate when an imaging scan picks up an adverse condition that was not on the radar of any health care professional. And once discovered, it’s ...

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  • Analysis of Self-Reported Nursing Home Data Sounds Alarm Bells

    Adverse patient outcomes at nursing homes in Missouri and nationally can cover a lot of territory. Bedsores — often referred to as pressure ulcers — ...

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  • You Might Want a Second Opinion on that Lyme Disease Diagnosis

    Lyme disease, a tick-borne malady that can carry a real wallop for its flu-like and even more serious symptoms, is a concern in many states across the ...

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  • Election Suggests Malpractice Damage Cap Debate Not Over Yet

    Quality of health care delivery proved to be a big issue in the just-ended off-year election. In some ways it might be considered a perennial favorite ...

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